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Model Maker and Hobbyist

******************************************* Our Model is Completed ! ***************************************

An experienced model maker, and great Patriot, has finished constructing a model of our ship that we will “Commission” and “Moor” alongside “The Sentinel” (a.k.a. Tin Man) at our museum exhibit being managed by the York County Historical Museum in Yorktown, VA - thanks to crew, family, and friends’ donations used to establish our presence there on Yorktown Day, October 19, 2019

Our Model Maker stated “... it is an honor to do this for you and Ms. Mary!”  Let me introduce Dr. Bruce Brown.  Born 80 years ago in Michigan, educated in Church Music at Wheaton College and the University of Southern California (USC), Dr. Brown taught music and voice at Bethel College in Indiana and Santa Ana College in California before joining the Music faculty of Houghton College in New York, where he was head of the Voice Department for 30 years.

Dr. Brown has built 30 ships and a WWI Sopwith Camel, 2 Stage Coaches, a Connestoga Wagon, a Chuck Wagon and 19th Century Firefighting equipment.  I have seen Dr. Brown’s models at the Watermen's Museum, and they are beautiful pieces of historic art and exemplify his mastery of this trade craft.  I encourage locals to visit the Watermen's Museum to see his work - a $2.00 entry fee to help sustain the museum.

We will keep you posted on progress and the “future commissioning!”

v/r Craig Mass & Darin Walter