Reunion: July 5-8, 2018
Knoxville, TN

Commissioned | Protected America | Decommissioned
July 4, 1984 through December 10, 2004

Hello Friends!

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This dynamic website is packed with content for you to review, and we are continuously updating and adding new information.  Please take your time, look around, learn all there is to know about our upcoming reunion, and check back frequently.  We hope you find the site informative, and please take a moment to provide any feedback. Use the "Contact Us" tab.  Together we will have a Fun and Memorable Reunion!

Craig Mass 1983-88 (GSM) | Darin Walter, 1985-89 (OS) | Brian Cosker 1997-2001 (IC)

Advisor: Captain Rick Easton, USN, Ret.

Thank You Shipmates for Your Donations !

Penni Elliot, TX; David Black, MO; Frank Perkins, XX,  Jim Golichowski, AZ; Jeffery Nuckles, VA; George Harris, WA; Ron Bohon, FL; Chris Head, MI; David Jones, NJ; Ray Morgan, NY; Jim "Gruff" Green, VA; Darin Walter, MI; Craig Mass, VA 

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Events Are Being Planned

Brewery Tour (planning stage)

Friday Evening River Cruise (exploring)

Saturday Dinner (buy your meal now!)

Bicycle Ride (exploring)

Nine Holes of Golf (exploring)