"A ship named 'Yorktown' has served in every major U.S. conflict since the Spanish-American War, and all served with pride in their namesake and with a sense of purpose," said [Admiral] Dur.  “Each ship distinguished itself through success with hard-fighting crews, led by capable seamen and tacticians.”  Admiral Philip Dur was Yorktown’s second Commanding Officer. 

Story Number: NNS041206-03 | Release Date: 12/6/2004 | Navy.mil

Support the Vision

Together we have an opportunity to honor and permanently memorialize the Ship and her awesome Crew by purchasing a Commemorative Plaque from the United States Navy Memorial (USNM) in Washington D.C., and mounting it on their Commemorative Wall.

The Commemorative Plaque Wall is part of the USNM's permanent museum collection. The Plaque Wall can also be viewed online.

Step 1: Raise a $500 deposit, sign a letter of intent, and USNM will design the Plaque;

Step 2: Solicit donations to pay off the $2,500 balance on the Plaque commitment; and 

Step 3: Schedule a customized dedication ceremony and invite crew members.

The Plaque cost is $3000, and it can be easily paid for if every Yorktown Facebook member (more than 1000 members) donated just $3.00!

Also, individuals can purchase a Plaque mounted on wood for $150.

All donations are tax deductible because USNM is a 503(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.

Point of Contact is Craig Mass

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