How Donations are Used

To pay for the website, funeral flowers for departed shipmates,  future reunion or other event planning, and other administrative costs (stamps, envelopes, etc.)

Support The Mission !

Individual donations will help fund The Mission : "One Yorktown" that unites old friends and honors our military service.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Gifts for a Donation

10 oz, Military Mug

** Minimum Donation **

Donation + Shipping = Cost

1 Mug, $10 + 8.85 = 18.85

2 Mugs, $15 + $13.65 = $28.65

4 Mugs, $25 + $13.65 = $38.65

6 Mugs, $35 + $18.90 = $53.90

Shipping is USPS Priority Mail

which includes insurance

This is a Presale

Ship date is scheduled on or before November 2

Poker Chips

We have commemorative chips available while supplies last.  Request a number and we'll send it if we have it, otherwise we will just send a random number.

** Minimum Donation **

$5.00 (includes shipping)

Polo Shirts

Crimson, Navy Blue, Newport Blue & Sand

S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X

Men's and Woman's Styles

Ship's Crest or Silhouette

Light weight sun protecting fabric

Supports a high school training program

Cost varies with size

Contact Darin Walter

Paperback Novella

GSECS Richard Bishop, a CG-48 Shipmate, provides anecdotes from a career in the US Navy- recruit training to retirement.

This book is a great read !

** Minimum Donation **

$16.00 (includes shipping)

H 16" x L 20" Print

lower left corner - names of COs

lower right corner -  historical dates

** Minimum Donation **

$25.00 + Shipping = Varies

$45.00 or more includes shipping 

H 11" x L 17" Ink Print

Copy of a beautifully hand drawn picture by an artist commissioned by Master Chief Cecil Rumbo.

** Minimum Donation **

$20.00 + Shipping = Varies

$45.00 or more includes shipping